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Welcome to the Harvest Table!

We are the most dedicated farm-​to-​table restaurant in Southwestern Virginia. At The Harvest Table, we work with seasonal produce and meats from local and regional sources, offering the best of each season. Our creative recipes are designed to highlight freshness and quality. We favor real foods prepared in a healthy way; nothing on our menu is deep fat fried.

We prefer to serve foods with a low carbon footprint. All our meats are pasture-​raised and finished, and all of our seafood is wild and sustainably harvested from the Carolina and Virginia shores. In addition to the produce grown on our own Harvest Table Farm, we offer the products from over 50 regional farmers, gardeners and ranchers. Even our beer & wine menu is from local and regional sources, offering wines, beers, and hard ciders from Virginia. Whether you join us for lunch, dinner or our Sunday Brunch, we guarantee a unique and special dining experience.

We are a business devoted to local goods and community issues. Our mission is to promote, feature and celebrate the agriculture and crafting traditions of our beautiful region. In addition to our local-​foods restaurant, we also have the Meadowview Farmers’ Guild General Store that carries food items and handmade goods from over 170 local craftspeople and artisans. We are located in a pair of renovated buildings on the old town square in Meadowview, VA.

Help us harvest some Heritage Corn & get a coupon for the Harvest Table!

Abingdon— The Fairview Cooperative Heritage Corn Project will reap what it has sown November 22, and invites the public to participate in a Virginia tradition. Hand harvesting the heirloom crop will take place on Saturday at the Fairview Historic Homestead on Hillman Highway, from 10 a.m.until the job is done.

The Heritage Corn Project has drawn together a wide array of people interested in the agricultural heritage of Southwest Virginia, including the Old Glade Antique Tractor Association, the Town of Abingdon, and historic White’s Mill. Using traditional methods and the tractor association’s antique equipment, volunteers in June planted two quarter-​acre test plots of heirloom corn varieties, bright red “Bloody Butcher” and creamy yellow “Hickory King,” that date from the 1800s.

During harvest the corn will be sorted and graded for use, and shelled by hand using antique shelling equipment. Anyone who owns or has used a hand-​operated sheller is encouraged to contact the organizers at 276 6985707. After harvest the corn will be ground at White’s Mill for use as cornmeal, corn flour and grits. All volunteers will receive a coupon for tasting the heritage corn later this year when it will be served at the Harvest Table Restaurant. The processed corn will also be available at White’s Mill, where the proceeds will support the mill’s historic preservation.

Thanksgiving Hours

We will be closed for dinner Wednesday November 26th

and all day Thursday November 27th

so we can celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with our families

We hope you enjoy this time with your family and friends!

We will reopen for regular hours on Friday, November 28th See you then!

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Restaurant Hours:

Lunch: Tuesday-​Saturday 11:002:00
Dinner: Wednesday-​Saturday 5:009:00
Sunday Brunch: 11:302:30
Closed Monday

General Store Hours:

Tuesday: 10:002:00
Wednesday– Saturday: 10:009:00
Sunday: 11:002:00
Closed Monday

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We’re awfully proud of our commitment to local and regional food sources and believe that it truly makes a difference in the food we serve.
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